4 августа 2017

I started working with EAS in September 2012 after having been introduced by a Russian colleague who had worked for EAS for some years. Although I have been teaching for some years, this was my first experience of working online and I was very pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the organisation, the support of the administration team and the comprehensive interview and training. Initially I found the processes a little complicated but the training materials included video shots and written materials which helped me understand everything more easily. Once I had completed the training I was immediately given students to teach online and in spite of my initial nervousness I found that I soon really enjoyed the close interactions that developed working with individual students. Working online means that I can now plan my own working hours to suit myself and, as I work in a different time zone, this fits in with my schedule very easily. I will in future take on more online students and reduce my classroom teaching hours giving me the freedom to work where and when I want!