Наталья Бужинская

3 августа 2017

Hello everybody!

If you want to start speaking English, you definitely should start taking lessons with
Cynthia. She is a kind of teacher who offers you a wide range of topics that not only
widen your vocabulary, but give some food to your brain. Whether it’s watching a video,
discussing a slide show, or reading an internet article to introduce the topic, Cynthia
has her own way to make you work! She sets the stage and then asks your opinion about
the subject, and who of us refuses to be heardJ.

I still make a lot of mistakes when talking, but my goal is to speak flawless. Probably
it’s a pet peeve of all higher level students and you can live without it. But you never
know what life will offer you and it is better to be prepared to speak without using
body language to help yourself to communicate.

I particularly appreciate the possibility of not being bored during the lessons because,
being unable to take lessons during daytime hours, I have to study English at nearly
midnight; and I’ve yet to fall asleep!