Nicola C.

4 августа 2017

I started working for EAS in December 2011. I had worked online before and I wanted to return to that working environment. I researched various online schools before deciding to apply to EAS. As I had experience working online in the past I was comfortable with working for an online company. The research I did into EAS and the very comprehensive interview process allowed me to evaluate the company. I was curious at first but the training was very thorough and I was pleasantly surprised about the range of activities it is possible to do in class.

Working online means I can work with students that I would not usually meet in a offline English school.  Also, I can work from home which really suits me.  Working for EAS has confirmed the positive experiences I have had working online in the past. The students are very motivated and eager to learn. Also, the support from the administrative staff in the Moscow officeis excellent. Because teachers can set their own schedule and the difference in time zones between my city and Moscow is 7 hours, I do not have to work in the evenings, which I would have to do if I worked in a face-to-face school in my city. This means I can spend more time with my family.