Григорий Ульянов

3 августа 2017


My name is Grigory, I want to share with my impressions from the lessons with Cynthia

Till the present moment we had just a few lessons, mainly because of my busyness. When I
decided to start learning english via skype, the main goal was not to decrease the level
of my english and to have lessons with American teacher.

I am totally satisfied with the way Cynthia build our lessons. Mainly because during
them I forget about all the problems and clean my mind_)) We don’t have the classic
lessons, we have the live talkings, and that’s great!!! I don’t feel she is my teacher
and I am her student, we are like friends! But at the same time I knew a lot of new
words, information and interesting facts about different spheres of our life. Cynthia
always uses internet sources for the lessons, make beautiful presentations, we always
joking, laughing and have fun! That’s exactly what I want from the lessons!

I want to inform you that I don’t want to change the teacher and planning to continue
our lessons after Cynthia will return from her holidays!

Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity and the work you are doing,

Best wishes,