Testimonials about work in EAS

Cynthia C. - an EAS teacher since 03.2012

I've been working with Lingua Airlines for over a year. It's a wonderful way to teach and now I prefer online to face-to-face teaching.
I love my work which enables me to be able to live on a beautiful island, meet wonderful new people that become "friends," and exchange information without leaving my view of the sea. It's so important to feel good/proud of your work. I also know that my lessons are appreciated by my students.
And when I need a break or want to travel, I work my schedule to suit my needs. It's a wonderful thing to work when you want and to rest when you need it.
It's also wonderful to be appreciated by the Lingua Airlines staff, both managers and director.
For all these reasons and many more, as a teacher, this is as close to "paradise" as it comes.

Stephanie F. - an EAS teacher since 12.2012

Working for EAS has been a great experience. I'd never worked in an environment like this before and their orientations really helped me feel comfortable using Skype professionally. The woman who trained me said that she was available at any time if I had questions and I don't doubt that she would have responded promptly if I had. I'm sure I could contact her even now if I needed to.
I enjoy being able to set my own hours and the fact that everyone is so understanding of the importance of a work-life balance. It's never a problem to take a day off or schedule longer breaks if you need to. Though all you really need is a computer and internet connection to continue working while you travel.
The students are all great. They are mostly adults who are paying for their own lessons so they are very motivated. The online library is a huge help for planning lessons. There are so many resources that there is always something available to supplement a topic without requiring students to purchase loads of books or you to spend hours scanning.

Donald H. - an EAS teacher since 02.2011

I have been privileged to work at a number of universities and language institutes from the United States to Greece to Ukraine, but my position at EAS has been one of the most satisfying in my career. I say this for several reasons.
Firstly, EAS administrators recognize the importance of maintaining high academic standards as the primary principle motivating all of the school’s activities, and instructors are given a great deal of freedom to conduct courses that accommodate student plans and abilities. This relationship of trust between administration and faculty inspires both responsibility and professionalism at all levels.
Secondly, the students that I have been privileged to teach so far have been extremely bright, polite, enthusiastic and sincere, which means that our lessons have been very pleasant. In my long career as a teacher, only the Russians and Ukrainians have been willing to express their gratitude by saying “Thank you” at the end of each lesson, which seems like a small thing until we consider that there are apparently students the world over who take their teachers for granted, or see them merely as a means to an end. I’ve always had the impression that my Russian students value the process of learning as an end in itself, and for that very reason they can be patient and grateful and respectful.
Finally, I am no longer surprised to find that my students and I have often exchanged roles, and that I have become the student who is taught by those excellent instructors, my students, who are willing to communicate with such candid English about Russian culture, history, politics, economy. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of this job is a willingness on my students’ part to communicate in ways that break down barriers and make us see that we, Americans and Russians, aren’t so different after all.

Jennifer M. - an EAS teacher since 12.2010

I wanted to add more diversity to my current student base. I like the flexibility of working from home. I can work anywhere there's an internet connection. It has allowed me to travel and to visit my family in emergencies without needing to cancel work.

The management team always makes themselves available for questions and is open to receiving feedback. They are much easier to communicate ideas with than other teams I have worked with. Accessibility is a big plus when working online. Since I started working for EAS, I have been able to quit other companies I have been with. For many telecommuters, there can be a difficulty maintaining a 'normal' schedule because it can be hard to get full time hours with one company. Now, with EAS, my schedule can stay full without crazy hours.

Nicola C. - an EAS teacher since 12.2011

I started working for EAS in December 2011. I had worked online before and I wanted to return to that working environment. I researched various online schools before deciding to apply to EAS. As I had experience working online in the past I was comfortable with working for an online company. The research I did into EAS and the very comprehensive interview process allowed me to evaluate the company. I was curious at first but the training was very thorough and I was pleasantly surprised about the range of activities it is possible to do in class.

Working online means I can work with students that I would not usually meet in a offline English school.  Also, I can work from home which really suits me.  Working for EAS has confirmed the positive experiences I have had working online in the past. The students are very motivated and eager to learn. Also, the support from the administrative staff in the Moscow officeis excellent. Because teachers can set their own schedule and the difference in time zones between my city and Moscow is 7 hours, I do not have to work in the evenings, which I would have to do if I worked in a face-to-face school in my city. This means I can spend more time with my family.

Stephanie T. - an EAS teacher since 01.2011

I was hired by EAS in January of 2011.   I am a natural risk taker and I understood that I was taking a chance doing work for a company that I had only seen virtually. The school promised to pay every two weeks and I figured that the worst thing that would happen is that I would work for free for two weeks. It was a risk I was willing to take because the potential benefits that come from the freedom of working online out-weigh the risks. I decided that if the company didn't pay me, I would stop working for them--simple enough.  Fortunately, I didn't have to stop working because after the first two weeks of classes, I was paid in full and I have been payed every pay period since.

I decided to work online because I wanted a job where I could be anywhere in the world and still work. Working online allows me to do that.    I love working online! I have the freedom to work anywhere I have a quiet space and a connection: hotels, parks, friend or relative's house, home office--anywhere!

The staff at EAS is very helpful and professional. The company always pays on time. The school gives the teacher the creative freedom to design their lessons according to each individual student's needs. They have recently uploaded a comprehensive library of resources that has proved to be very useful in class. Also, working with EAS gives me the opportunity to teach very interesting Russian people from various backgrounds and of different ages. I have worked with businessmen/women, actors, pilots, high school and college students, bankers and artists. I feel that I am learning just as much as my students are! Also, my students study with EAS because they personally have a genuine interest in bettering their English skills. No one is forcing them to take class; therefore, I see that they are more interested and attentive which makes teaching so much easier and enjoyable.

My life has changed because I am lucky enough to work almost full time. I have more economic stability and weekends off! Because of the time difference, my working hours are 5am-1pm which allows me to have the whole afternoon to tend to my kids after they get back from school and to relax or do whatever I want to do.

Clinton R. - an EAS teacher since 09.2012

I used to teach English at a variety of institutions, but since joining Lingua Airlines in October 2012, I've been solely teaching English online to a variety of students with different aspirations on a one-to-one basis. This has meant being able to tailor fun and interesting lessons to my students' individual needs and goals with a warm and personal delivery too. Additionally, I've enjoyed being able to work at home when it is most convenient for my students and me. Working along with the team at EAS has been a real pleasure. Throughout my time as a member of the team I've experienced the highest level of professionalism, respect, and courtesy from the rest of the EAS team.

Fred M. - an EAS teacher since 01.2013

The staff are responsive, the students are a delight, and the job itself is a complete revelation. From a teaching perspective it is as effective, if not more, than a classroom environment. It gives you freedoms that working in a classroom would not - in how, when, and most importantly, where you teach. Its a career that can be built around your life and this flexibility also provides innumerable benefits for students - including making the learning of english as stress free as possible. In 24 hours you can span the whole of Russia, from Moscow to Vladivostok, whilst gaining an insight into the culture, life and history of its citizens. I would recommend this job - and company - to any teacher looking for fun and engaging work.

Anne - an EAS teacher since 09.2012

I started working with EAS in September 2012 after having been introduced by a Russian colleague who had worked for EAS for some years. Although I have been teaching for some years, this was my first experience of working online and I was very pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the organisation, the support of the administration team and the comprehensive interview and training. Initially I found the processes a little complicated but the training materials included video shots and written materials which helped me understand everything more easily. Once I had completed the training I was immediately given students to teach online and in spite of my initial nervousness I found that I soon really enjoyed the close interactions that developed working with individual students. Working online means that I can now plan my own working hours to suit myself and, as I work in a different time zone, this fits in with my schedule very easily. I will in future take on more online students and reduce my classroom teaching hours giving me the freedom to work where and when I want!

Kristen W. - an EAS teacher since 05.2012

I had been working in a school when I decided to start teaching online. I was attracted to the independence that this job could provide for me and for my students. I was pleasantly surprised by the information and material supplied by the company, including a full online library for all levels and exams. The managers are always available to answer questions and help us teachers. I have met some great students through working with EAS, and have been able to tailor their classes to exactly what they want and need to succeed in their personal lives, in work and in exams. This for me is the best thing about working, and studying online. Instead of teaching a general course to many student at once, one to one lessons allow me to help my students make English lessons work for their lives.

Jessica - an EAS teacher since 11.2012

After about 5 years of face-to-face classroom teaching, I decided I wanted to explore the world of online teaching. I happened to have a friend who said she taught online and absolutely loved her job. She recommended English and Skype as an outstanding company and she sent me the contact information. I was lucky enough to get a call back right away from the hiring manager and I immediately started the interview process. One of the things that impacted me the most was my interview with the owner, Sergey. I could see his enthusiasm and passion for what he does and it made me feel confident that I was in good hands. He explained the exponential growth of the company and the increasing demand for new, good teachers. It was definitely reassuring to know that EAS has an overwhelming demand from students who wish to study here. I knew I would be able to have a full schedule so I decided to take a chance and enter the virtual classroom. It was the best career decision I have ever made! I am able to personalize each lesson to cater to my students' needs and we have a wealth of information right at out fingertips. Most of my students have been with me from the beginning and seem very satisfied with the EAS program. I am very thankful that I found this company. I would recommend English and Skype to any teacher!

Nancy - an EAS teacher since 04.2012

When people ask me what I do for work, I tell them I work for a Russian company from the comfort of my arm chair. I like my Russian students! Each day I get to work with a variety of students, from children whose parents want them to learn English, to university students preparing for international English tests to entrepreneurs, lawyers and stay at home mothers. The variety is enjoyable and the open curriculum lets me really help students met their goals, not the some vague company objectives. Because EAS has students meet teachers before committing to lessons, I have had many great matches! During the time I’ve been working for EAS I’ve gotten married and had a baby. With the company policies I’ve been able to take off the needed time and still return to my wonderful students. What a blessing this work opportunity has been for me.