Фразовый глагол GIVE

Всем известен английский глагол give в его  значении  «отдавать» (пример употребления можно посмотреть в этом веселом видео:

 Но как меняется его значение при употреблении с предлогами? Давайте рассмотрим некоторые примеры.

Фразовый глагол GIVE


Give in

Сдаваться, поддаваться

Jack wanted to become a football player instead of going to university. His parents were against this, but when they saw Jack playing, they gave in and let him be a sportsman.

Give off

Выделять, источать (запах, звук, тепло)

The radiator is broken. It doesn’t give off any heat.

Give up

Прекращать заниматься чем-то, сдаваться

Jane failed driving tests five times. Eventually, she gave up and realized that she would never be a driver.

Give away


If you have some stuff that you do not use, you can give it away to people who need it.

Give over (British)


Robin, if you keep jumping on the sofa, you are going to break it. Give over!

Give out


Ben was in a wonderful mood, so decided to buy some candies and give them out to people in the street.



Picture example:

If you want to get new shoes, look at your husband like the cat in the picture and there’s no doubt that he will give in to your wish.


Прекрасное объяснение фразового глагола give up можно увидеть в этом видео:


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