Фразовый глагол hold

Представьте, что вы собираетесь на вечеринку. Вы почти готовы, но ваш друг продолжает вас торопить. Как ему ответить в такой ситуации? Прекрасной фразой будет:  Hold on, I’ll be ready in a minute (Подожди, я буду готов через минуту). Итак, сегодня рассматриваем фразовый глагол hold.

                                                                      Фразовый глагол hold

Фразовый глагол




Hold in

Сдерживать (чувства, эмоции)

Sam got really furious when Christy was late for the date but he held in his anger.

Hold off

Задерживать, откладывать, не спешить

-Shall we start the meeting or hold off until Joan comes?

Hold on


  • Can you hold on a minute? I am almost ready to go.

Hold out

Хватать (о запасах, средствах)

  • If you keep annoying me, my patience will not hold out for long.

Hold to

Придерживаться, соблюдать

Jane has a well-paid job but she holds to a belief that men should earn more than women.

Hold up (1)


Joseph is our best employee: he is always ready for business trips and holds up well working overtime.


Hold up (2)

Грабить, совершать налет

Clive and Pippa wanted to hold up a bank, but when they were approaching the building they realized that they had left their guns in the bar.

Hold down


Sam was so strong that four people could not hold him down.

Hold over


School vacation was held over due to very bad weather.

Hold with


I don’t hold with selling this house. I do not want to move!

Picture example:

This bank has a very reliable security system. It has never been held up.


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