Фразовый глагол keep

Let’s keep on studying phrasal verbs (Давайте продолжим изучение фразовых глаголов).  Рассмотрим фразовый глагол keep.

                                                                Фразовый глагол keep

Фразовый глагол




Keep at

Продолжать работать (над чем-то)

You’ve already lost five kilograms! Don’t give up working out now! Keep at it. And of course you should keep off eating fast food.

Keep off

Воздерживаться от

Keep in


Сдерживать (эмоции)


When Susie wants to laugh she can hardly keep it in.

Keep on


Keep on walking and turn right at the traffic lights.

Keep out

Не входить

Joshua saw the sign “Keep out” but he ignored it and entered the building.

Keep to


  • Don’t change the topic. Keep to the point.

Keep up

Не отставать

You are walking too fast: I can’t keep up.

Keep away

Не приближаться

Keep away from this house. They say it’s haunted.

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