Stephanie F.

4 августа 2017

Working for EAS has been a great experience. I'd never worked in an environment like this before and their orientations really helped me feel comfortable using Skype professionally. The woman who trained me said that she was available at any time if I had questions and I don't doubt that she would have responded promptly if I had. I'm sure I could contact her even now if I needed to.
I enjoy being able to set my own hours and the fact that everyone is so understanding of the importance of a work-life balance. It's never a problem to take a day off or schedule longer breaks if you need to. Though all you really need is a computer and internet connection to continue working while you travel.
The students are all great. They are mostly adults who are paying for their own lessons so they are very motivated. The online library is a huge help for planning lessons. There are so many resources that there is always something available to supplement a topic without requiring students to purchase loads of books or you to spend hours scanning.