Stephanie T.

4 августа 2017

I was hired by EAS in January of 2011.   I am a natural risk taker and I understood that I was taking a chance doing work for a company that I had only seen virtually. The school promised to pay every two weeks and I figured that the worst thing that would happen is that I would work for free for two weeks. It was a risk I was willing to take because the potential benefits that come from the freedom of working online out-weigh the risks. I decided that if the company didn't pay me, I would stop working for them—simple enough.  Fortunately, I didn't have to stop working because after the first two weeks of classes, I was paid in full and I have been payed every pay period since.

I decided to work online because I wanted a job where I could be anywhere in the world and still work. Working online allows me to do that.    I love working online! I have the freedom to work anywhere I have a quiet space and a connection: hotels, parks, friend or relative's house, home office—anywhere!

The staff at EAS is very helpful and professional. The company always pays on time. The school gives the teacher the creative freedom to design their lessons according to each individual student's needs. They have recently uploaded a comprehensive library of resources that has proved to be very useful in class. Also, working with EAS gives me the opportunity to teach very interesting Russian people from various backgrounds and of different ages. I have worked with businessmen/women, actors, pilots, high school and college students, bankers and artists. I feel that I am learning just as much as my students are! Also, my students study with EAS because they personally have a genuine interest in bettering their English skills. No one is forcing them to take class; therefore, I see that they are more interested and attentive which makes teaching so much easier and enjoyable.

My life has changed because I am lucky enough to work almost full time. I have more economic stability and weekends off! Because of the time difference, my working hours are 5am-1pm which allows me to have the whole afternoon to tend to my kids after they get back from school and to relax or do whatever I want to do.