Анна Ф.

4 августа 2017

I started working for EAS in October 2012. I have asked myself many times “Why didn’t I apply for this job before?” I really enjoy every single moment of the job. I love teaching and can’t imagine myself doing anything else. Since moving to Germany I haven’t been able to work because my German isn’t good enough. The period I was unemployed was awful but EAS brought me back to life. I know that online teaching is really similar to one to one, in the flesh teaching; but you can do it from home and forget about commuting. It enables you to travel if you want to. It’s been great for me as I visit my parents quite often. I just take my computer with me and work from anywhere that has an internet connection. The company is really great. It’s very different from the language schools I have worked at previously. Their business processes are worth a mention, if you think something should work, it just does! The head of the company is Sergey and he does not rest on his laurels. He has loads of ideas to improve the company and make the teachers’ work easier. He is constantly developing something new and I am happy to take part in his projects. I feel I am part of a team where everybody supports each other. I like the freedom to choose a course for my students that I feel best suits their academic needs. The students are highly motivated and it’s a pleasure to see their progress and know that I can make a real difference to their lives.